How To Know What Colors Look Best On You With One Easy Step

Are you wearing the same colors today that you did 10 years ago? It may be time to update your closet. As you get older and your skin changes, colors that once made you feel confident may no longer have the same effect. Here are some tips for getting back to a beautiful, more colorful you.

Know your colors

The three primary colors—red, blue and yellow—and their variations come in two categories: cool and warm. Blue is cool, yellow is warm, and red lies somewhere in the middle. Mixing colors with blue produces cooler tones, while blending with yellow creates a warmer effect. Your skin undertones, which can also be categorized as cool or warm, don’t change but can often fade with age.

Put your best face (and hair) forward

Your skin and hair play a prominent role in determining which colors look best on you.

The most common changes in our skin as we age are sun spots and dull complexions. Still, it’s never too late to put on the sunscreen. Also, look for serums that can repair the skin and restore freshness.

Newly silver-haired women often find colors that once worked no longer mesh with their new hue. If you also have fair skin, pale pastels are great matches. Darker complexions should look for deep reds and vibrant blues (think turquoise).

Don’t be afraid to experiment

On your next shopping trip, take a step out of your comfort zone.  Try on a few different shades or a new color that grabs your attention. Does it make your skin glow or give you a boost of self-confidence? You’re on the right track.

Accessorize, accessorize

Not ready for a wardrobe overhaul? Start small. Use accessories as a test drive for that new shade you’ve been dieing to try. Scarves, handbags and shoes are great options for an extra punch of color.

Know your undertone

To determine what your skin undertones are, stand in natural sunlight and hold an object with gray undertones next to your face. Next, do the same with a gold-colored object. If your skin seems brighter next to the gray object, you’re cool toned. If the gold works better, you’re warm toned.

  • Best colors for cool tones: emerald green, royal blue, lemon yellow, ruby red, pure white
  • Best colors for warm tones: sage green, burnt orange, navy blue, bronze, peach, ivory