The Top 6 Reasons For Fatigue

It’s no fun to feel fatigued, but most of us do run out of steam now and then. When weariness is interfering with your daily life or you can’t shake it off despite getting enough rest, though, it’s time
to contact a doctor. Fatigue may signal a medical condition such as pulmonary disease, hypothyroidism or cancer, but luckily that’s not usually the case. Most fatigue is related to lifestyle, not serious illness.

1. Too few ZZZs. Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep nightly, but most of the time, we snooze for less than seven hours, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
2. Medication. Sedatives, muscle relaxants, antidepressants and pain killers are the most common culprits.
3. Depression. It’s a common but under-diagnosed cause of fatigue.
4. Anemia. Menstruating women often are anemic, and this fatigue-producing condition is often overlooked.
5. Caffeine. Consuming caffeine makes falling asleep more difficult and also interferes with the quality of your sleep.
6. Alcohol. Imbibing depresses your central nervous system and acts as a sedative.