Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain

Online Zoom Meeting.

Fridays, April 22 – June 3, 2022
 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Online via Zoom meeting

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain is an evidence-based program developed by Stanford University that helps people with chronic pain to better manage their symptoms and improve health. This FREE community-based program is interactive, where mutual support and success build participants’ confidence in their ability to manage their pain and maintain fulfilling lives.

Research shows that the mind and the body are connected when it comes to pain. Emotions, feelings and thoughts directly influence how pain affects us. Pain management strategies will not necessarily eliminate your pain, but they will help you to better manage the pain so you can become more active and feel better.

Facilitated by trained leaders, the program explores various topics related to mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Participants receive a free book and additional resources.

You will learn:

  • Skills to help maintain a wellness focus and improve quality of life
  • Techniques to deal with frustration, fatigue, isolation and poor sleep
  • Strategies for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Appropriate use of medications
  • Healthy eating

Space is limited. Register by Monday, April 18.