Smoking Cessation

Smoking can cause or worsen respiratory disorders and negatively impacts your overall health. Success in quitting smoking is the result of planning and commitment, not luck. Your doctor can help you customize a strategy which allows you to kick the habit once and for all. Today there are many different aids to help you quit smoking.

Consumed cigarette in white background with copyspace

The following table illustrates the positive effects of smoking cessation:

After You Quit Health Benefits
20 minutes Heart rate will already start to drop back toward normal levels.
2 hours Heart rate and blood pressure will have decreased to near-healthy levels.
12 hours Carbon monoxide decreases and blood oxygen increases to normal levels.
24 hours Risk for heart attack will already have begun to drop.
48 hours Ability to smell and taste is enhanced.
3 days Nicotine is gone from the body.
2-3 weeks Circulation and lung function improve.
1-9 months Lungs begin to regenerate.
1 year Risk for heart disease lowered by 50%.
5 years Risk of having a stroke decreases, and will continue to decrease significantly.
10 years Risk of lung cancer decreases by 50%. Risk of other cancers also lowered.
15 years Risk of heart disease now that of a non-smoker.