Bariatrics/Weight Loss Surgery

Craig, a retired firefighter and paramedic, has always struggled with his weight. In high school, he played football and got down to 230 pounds. However after graduation, his weight steadily went up. Craig tried multiple diets and programs over the years. Though they were successful in the short term, he would eventually gain the weight back.

After a friend mentioned a procedure, he signed up for a seminar with a board-certified bariatric surgeon to learn more about MyNewSelf, an accredited program that offers several weight loss surgery options as well as specialty care during weight loss surgery, pre-surgery education, post-surgery classes and support groups.

He weighed 458 pounds before the procedure. After the procedure, he lost 238 over the last two years. As a father five, being able to get up and play with his kids was a huge factor in the decision to move forward with the surgery.

“Dr. Minkin was an incredible doctor. He gave me the hope I was looking for,” Craig said.

Craig’s Story - St. Luke's Hospital